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Even a small decision can have a large impact. So how do you make a good one?

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Decisions are powerful.



Leaders concern themselves with the big picture, and rightfully so. But every so often, it’s worth reminding ourselves that decisions large and small have a major impact on our organizations, our people and our own lives.


Entrepreneur and coach Jeff Boss gives some eminently practical guidance on decision-making in his latest post:


“The choices you make as a leader can have powerful impacts,” he notes. “The ‘chance of a lifetime’ can appear out of nowhere only to turn into something painful. Conversely, there are those opportunities that don’t seem worthy of a second glance at the time but eventually wriggle their way on to your missed opportunity list.”


So how do you make a good decision? Boss offers nine tests to see how the decision you face will work out for all concerned. Here are a few of his statements:


Good decisions positively impact others.


Good decisions are replicable.


Good decisions include others.


Good decisions are accountable.


Good decisions involve self-awareness.


Want to learn more? Read his full post here.



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